Little Spirits Garden

Little Spirits Garden

Szolyd was honoured to take part in the Little Spirits Garden located at the Royal Oak Burial Park in Victoria, BC. Bill Pechet and Joe Daly designed the project, which included precast plynth bases and ductal UHPC ceremonial houses.

Capsule | Ductal island

This project and piece pushed the boundaries of our abilities to cast with ductal and limitations of ductal back in 2009. With only 4 years into our Canadian ductal sublicense we were asked to create this stunning piece.

Priestly law library | University of Victoria

This white concrete circulation desk was designed to take advantage of the best qualities of UHPC. French white ductal with titanium dioxide was used to get a mix that was as white as possible. The main reception desk featured ductal pieces that returned on the front face with a textured surface. The largest piece was spanned nearly 10ft with a 4 ft return to the ground. The material was cast at only 1.25" thick without any steel reinforcing.

Hotel Rialto Restoration

Szolyd’s team meticulously fabricated custom moulds to replicate the original columns which included intricate details in the rubber liners to match the mortar lines and texture of the original glazed terracotta tiles. The molds were used to cast one inch thick skins designed to cover existing concrete substructural columns.

Topography UHPC

Topography is a UHPC art display installed at the Burnside Gorge Community centre in Victoria, BC. Topography' utilizes cast footprints of community members to assemble a textural relief map of the area serviced by the Burnside Gorge Community Centre. This map blends the natural topography with City zoning demarcations in a process directly involving the public.