Pioneer Square | Stoa Columns

Crag X climbing gym

The mold build was a complicated undertaking requiring some creative thinking. Light grey UHPC Ductal concrete was cast at 1″ thickness into 4 different molds... Read More

IDS West |Park life bar

Szolyd was approached by David Nicolay of Evoke International to take part in the Park Life bar design and fabrication at IDS West. The Szolyd team expressed to David that we do not really do custom counter projects, and are more interested in modular, repeatable products that can be brought to market. We discussed using ductal concrete to take advantage of its best qualities, namely cantilever, surface quality and in this case, turn around time.

Quarters District | site furnishings

Szolyd worked with ISL Engineers to develop a ductal garbage bin and UHPC bench for the Quarters district in Edmonton, Alberta. Ductal was the perfect medium for the project because it provided such durabilty in extreme weather conditions. Temperatures in Edmonton vary from -30 degrees C in the winter to +30 degrees C in the summer. This means snow removal equipment and de icing salts can take a toll on conventional cement products.

Ecosomo | UHPC public art at SFU

Ecosomo was designed with Ductal concrete to take advantage of it's material properties including: cantilever, durability, surface quality, shape and repeatability. A series of six modules were designed by Matthew Soules to fit together in multiple combinations extending one full block of the University of Simon Fraser in Vancouver, BC.

Trapp + Holbrook Restoration

Szolyd took part in the restoration and reconstruction of the Trapp + Hollbrook building in New Westminster, British Columbia. This heritage building was meticulously brought back to it's original glory and is part of a residential development project by the Salient Group. Szolyd utilized UHPC Ductal concrete to cast replica's of the original terra cotta blocks.

Meccanica | UHPC public art | Vancouver, BC

Substation Pavillion is a UHPC public art installation in Vancouver, BC. It is installed in front of the Meccanica project by Cressey Developments. The modular components are precast using dark grey ductal UHPC concrete. They are formed in a classic board form technique to create a aged concrete appearance for the installation.

Lions head UHPC sculpture from clients ring

Szolyd was asked to cast a ductal sculptural piece from a ring. The ring was scanned with a 3d scanner and digitized in order to manipulate the file and prepare it for milling. A foam positive was milled, and then coated with a hard shell material and sanded smooth. Next brush on rubber was applied to the surface in layers to create the first layer of the mold. The final mold stage was creating a plaster of paris backer which acted as the mother mold.

Hudson building, Victoria BC | site furnishings

Szolyd Developments custom precast concrete design and manufacturing has started work on a exciting new project with Townline Properties, at the Hudson Building. Phase one, is the southeast corner of the building in front of 2% JAZZ. Installation will begin with some components in a weeks time. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting project. Hemisphere shapes contrast the hard lines of this modern building, showcasing how precast concrete can be used creatively for landscape features.

Perkins Will UHPC stair treads

The design utilized a dual stringer system with a one piece ductal tread and riser combo. The tread/ riser combo was cast as thin as possible, showcasing the sleek profile achieved by Ductal concrete. The treads were attached to the stringers with support brackets, stainless steel standoffs perforated the ductal (knockouts were cast into the original molds) and attached the treads to the brackets.