Szolyd has over 15 years experience casting concrete and 10 years with UHPC specifically. The variety and magnitude of projects that we have taken on, has given us broad and specific experience that is not easily found anywhere. We can help deliver project on that meet the highest quality of standards.

Manufacturing process

This is how it typically works.

Casting the concrete

Once the mold is finished, and colour samples/ mix design approved, it is time to cast the concrete. Complex shapes can have a lot of head pressure, which means lots of clamps, and strapping. At time these shapes often need vibration which loosen straps and clamps. Casting concrete is not for the faint of heart, one breach and months of work can be lost. Having a experienced team on hand, to react to often unexpected challenges is critical. 

Removing the mold

Removing a casting from a mold is often the most rewarding part of the job, but also the most nerve racking. After long periods of conceptual design, renderings, milling and mold building, it can all come down to one day. The team at Szolyd Development realizes that molds need to be handled carefully as so not to damage, bend or distort the parts. Often inner mold parts can be difficult to remove, finesse and patience will get the part out undamaged. After all the work that goes into the mold, it is important that it is treated with care, released properly and monitored for wear.

Finishing the part

Once the mold has been removed, a variety of finishing techniques are utilized to deliver aesthetic finishes and refined pieces. Often flash, or pour spouts need to be ground down. Sometimes vent holes are drilled into molds to remove air, these also need to be ground out. Patching is often also part of the process. UHPC tends to cast to a high level of detail, but often the undersides, or restricted areas can have voids or air entrapped.
Small run custom

Our background with custom projects means that we can operate efficiently when considering small run batching.

Large scale manufacturing.

Scaling up to any size is not a challenge for our team, we find the early stages of conceptual design and mold building the most difficult. Develop the process, ensure quality – REPEAT

Manufacturing precast concrete

The most challenging parts of a development project are the early stages. Working out the mold design and casting the first pieces are often where all the challenges are. By the time multiple pieces have been poured, efficiencies are learned and translate into cost savings and quicker production times. Scaling up has never been a challenge for our team, this just usually means bringing in more infrastructure and or project managers. Whatever the scale of project, we can assist you with the manufacturing process.