Szolyd Projects

Project based work is the backbone of our company, and is where we have developed all of our skills and techniques over the years. Often clients come to us with projects that have been turned down by other pre cast manufacturers because the project is too challenging or risky. Developing budgets, mitigating risk and keeping projects on time can be very complex on big projects. We have the track record, and team to pull off your most complicated undertakings.

We work with industry professionals.

Szolyd has been working with architects, designers, engineers and industry professionals for 15+ years and understands the process in which a project is taken from concept to completion. We can help develop costing, provide samples, detail timelines and coordinate installations with your teams.


We work with architects to develop early costing, guide the early design process, and prototype new concepts for buildings, public spaces and residences. We work closely with architects to create specifications for tender packages.


We work with developers to provide site amenities, interior products, cladding solutions, heritage details and public art installations. Please contact us about your project and timelines.

interior designers

Szolyd works with designers to furnishing restaurants, hotels, commercial projects and select residential projects. Our durable, fine finishes work well for reception desks, signage, wall features, stair treads, planters and more.


Szolyd works with engineers to make sure that our projects are installed safely and provide structural solutions to engineering challenges. Ductal concrete is structural by nature, it’s extreme durabilty means that it can be a great alternative to conventional materials like steel, and cast aluminum.


With such design diversity, durability and repeatability, Ductal UHPC is the perfect fit for hospitality projects such as hotels, restaurants, and retail stores. Notable Szolyd projects include: Pixar Canada, BC Ferries, KPMG, UBC, SFU, UVIC, Hotel Rialto, and more.

Site Furnishings

Ductal is the perfect material for site furnishings and urban surface applications. It is extremely durable and fits well into a variety of different aesthetics.


We work with building designers and architects to create solutions to design challenges. UHPC excels when it solves more than one problem. Structural | Aesthetic, Cladding | Texture, Cantilever | Surface quality, Durability | Mix materials.

Heritage Restoration

Ductal and precast concrete are materials to replace ornate stone and terra cotta cladding units. Ductal can replicate any amount of ornate detail found in our most beloved architectural treasures.

Public Art

Public art needs to be safe, engineered to accommodate people's innate need to physically experience the structure. Ductal® UHPC concrete is the perfect medium for public art. Although it is the strongest concrete in the world, it can replicate the finest details in texture, shape and form.