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Concept to production. We are experts with UHPC.

Szolyd excels at engineering creative solutions for complex design problems. Our team at can help you take your idea from a concept through to full scale manufacturing. We work with experts in the industry and are at the forefront of rapid prototyping, cnc machining and the latest mold building techniques. Szolyd’s team of skilled technical and design professionals excel at determining the most suitable materials, technologies and production methods to achieve the desired end result for your specific project. Contact Szolyd Developments custom precast concrete design and manufacturing today to discuss the solution to your concrete problem.

Design | Consultation

A great idea might not be feasible to produce with UHPC. Our vast experience will help guide you through the design stages to expedite product development and implementation into the market.


3d printing and CNC machining is making scale models and positives a more accurate process. Our team works with the best engineers and tooling shops to supply the quality models and parts for the molding process. This stage usually starts with a small scale 3d printed model to assists with mold design conversations.


Szolyd has over 15 years experience casting concrete and 10 years with UHPC specifically. The variety and magnitude of projects that we have taken on, has given us broad and specific experience that is not easily found anywhere. We can help deliver projects that meet the highest quality of standards.

Mold design | Fabrication

Mold materials are selected for their ability to release from the cast object and the number of times they are to be cast. Szolyd is familiar with urethanes rubbers, silicone, fibreglass, and pretty much every modern technique.


Szolyd takes on select projects based on availability of schedule, financials and interest. Please contact us to discuss your project.

Site Furnishings

Szolyd takes on select site furnishing projects. There is tremendous growth in this area as UHPC is quickly being recognized as a material of choice for landscape furnishings..


Ductal can be cast in panels that are much larger than standard products. The only limitations are shipping methods and shop space. Szolyd can help to develop fastening methods, colour samples and textures for your cladding project.

Heritage Restoration

Ductal is the perfect material to replace terra cotta and natural stone products from our heritage buildings.

Interior Design

Szolyd works with designers on hospitality and commercial projects UHPC is the perfect medium for stair treads, reception desks and furniture.