Meccanica | UHPC public art | Vancouver, BC

Project Info

Client Cedric Bomford
Date Completed October 2014

Project Description

Designed by Cedric Bomford, Szolyd Development collaborated early in the design stage to establish profile thickness, installation methodology, and surface texture and colour. Ductal concrete allowed for long, thin modular panels, averaging 3.8 cm thick (1.5″), the largest piece being 13ft long. Integral bolts were cast into the precast components, allowing each piece to snap together like lego.

Modern UHPC mold construction utilizes refined materials such as urethane rubber and fibreglass. The precast surface of these materials mirror the positive material they are cast against. For Meccanica, a rough board formed surface was desired by the artist. To achieve this, the UHPC precaster built the molds in a classic board-formed style creating the desired industrial texture.

Meccanica/ Substation Pavilion, Artist Statement:

“Substation Pavilion consists of a small structure constructed of board-formed Ductal concrete, steel and glass, with a door that hints at a possible entrance (although in this case it is merely a decoy). There are windows on two sides, adding to the illusion of some kind of use value implicit to its presence on the site. The windows are utilitarian, institutional, industrial, with frosted security glass containing wire that obscure a direct line of site into the structure. Within the pavilion is a single, dim light.