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Sprayable Ductal UHPC coming.

Szolyd now have our sprayable Ductal raw material on the shelves and are waiting for the arrival of the Power-sprays equipment. Why spray Ductal Concrete? Like GFRC (glass fibre re-enforced concrete) before us, UHPFRC (ultra high performance fibre re-enforced concrete) can utilize open mold technologies. Previously Ductal concrete could only be precast in complex, double sided molds. These molds can be very time consuming and extremely expensive. Precast Ductal (UHPC) is great for high volume manufacturing of many parts, but not always cost effective for lower volume casting, custom pieces or larger open shapes.

What are the material property differences between GFRC and Sprayable Ductal (UHPFRC)?

Ductal is known for being an extremely dense material with very low porosity. This is also the case with the new sprayable material. Both GFRC and sprayable Ductal have very high flexural strength. Ductal excels when considering compressive strength, abrasion resistance and porosity. These factors greatly effect the longevity and durability of products and projects.

Designers can now get the flexibility in design offered by GFRC mixed with the greatly enhanced material properties offered by Ductal concrete. Szolyd can offer both precast and sprayable options when considering product development.

Larger, monolithic shapes that are extremely thin can be produced much more cost effectively than ever before.

large open mold sprayed with concrete