IDS West |Park life bar

Project Info

Client Evoke International
Date Completed September 24, 2015

Project Description

Szolyd was approached by David Nicolay of Evoke International to take part in the Park Life bar design and fabrication at IDS West.

The Szolyd team expressed a lack of interest in custom one offs and suggested a modular, repeatable product that could be brought to market. Discussions focused on ductal concrete and taking advantage of its best qualities: cantilever, thin cross section, surface quality and in this case, turn around time.

Park Life Bar

The prototype bar is a co-design by Szolyd and Evoke International. We optimized the thickness of the ductal concrete to use the absolute minimum material possible.
The bar is 10ft long by 33″ wide and has a spine running down the middle of the underside. The top averages 5/8″ thickness and totals around 250lb all in. This is a prototype design with a very limited time window to complete the project. There were 6 units, each one cast at the end of the day, and pulled from the old only 14 hours later the next morning.