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uhpc sculpture

3d scan / rapid prototype/ cnc mill/ cast concrete

A recently completed project showcases how modern technology can quickly bring a project to life. Szolyd was asked to fabricate a mold of a lions head and cast it in white ductal concrete.

.The original concept came from a ring on a clients finger. The ring was 3d scanned, and the digital image sectioned to select the optimal profile. From here a larger 3d print was completed to help the client visualize the piece and process. The next step was to mill the digital file from foam and get it ready for the mold process. Foam is typically very porous and needs tedious sanding , filling and preparation to get it smooth. Plaster and multiple layers of paint were applied until the positive was smooth and ready to mold. A two part rubber liner was created to capture the detail of the now smooth and flawless positive. From here a plaster boot with wood box was formed around the thin rubber liner to hold it in place and keep the mold rigid. At this point it was handed off to the Szolyd precast shop to be poured in concrete with stainless inserts for mounting.
Installed UHPC sculpture

Installed UHPC sculpture