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Ductal UHPC seating and planter modules for SFU


The ductal city of raw cast units


We are one week away from installing our most challenging and complex UHPC project to date. ECOSOMO by Matthew Soules has proved to be a serious undertaking. It features extremely complex geometry, cantilevered pieces, ornate texture and a massive installation process. There is a total of 50 ductal precast units installed in 6 different pod clusters at the SFU campus. Each individual piece is cast at an average thickness of 1″, the largest planter unit weighs in at 450b (205 kg). There are two base units which support the clusters: 1. Cantilever base unit 2. Standard base unit. The cantilever base unit has a hidden gusset on the underside and includes a grid of rebar. This robust support structure bears the full weight of the largest planter unit, the horticulture and the planting medium. We believe this will be on of the most unique and impressive UHPC art installation to date in North America. Many new technologies have been been developed during this process including the texture wrap, mold design, and specialty uhpc casting methods. We look forward to working with Matthew on his next project, Station Square.

We will be shooting arial video of the finished installation via  Aerial Vista Productions and our friend Devin Card.

engineered UHPC

cantilever base mold

The finished UHPC pieces installed at Simon Fraser University