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Heres a few shop pictures of cool castings, our professional team, super secretive moulding processes and  our different facilities over the past 5 years. Our chosen medium tends to have a mind of its own on the best of days. The resulting roller coaster ride of emotions is what keeps us excited and on our toes. Concrete can’t be controlled, it needs to be caressed, prayed for and spoken to nicely. Concretes fickle nature means that happy accidents sometime occur, which sometimes spur creative ideas and innovation.

With our baseline of technical projects, combined experience, network of professionals, and creativity, we have officially moved out of our teen years of business and into adulthood. Don’t worry, our youthful spirit will prevail, look for our best work to come! Contact Szolyd Developments custom precast concrete design and manufacturing today to be part of the inspiration for a new project!

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concrete wet polishing with 5" makitagreen ductal uhpc tablepolished concrete integral sinkswhite polished slabs concrete
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