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Precast concrete for Edmonton, AB

Szolyd has begun work on the Quarters, located in Edmonton, |AB. The area extends from 97 street to 92 street, and will provide a range of market and affordable housing. The vision for the Quarters is a vibrant, healthy community with five distinct areas, each with it’s own character and identity. This community is structured around a unique linear park system running through each sector, providing a defining element for the greater community.

Ductal UHPC (ultra high performance concrete) has been specified and included in the design of many outdoor furniture components for the Quarters. Szolyd is under contract with PCL construction to build 50 precast benches and 15 garbage receptacles. These UHPC precast components will have incredible weather resistant qualities (freeze/ thaw), and be extremely low maintenance. It is expected that they will last greater than 10 times that of traditional precast components and need considerably less maintenance than powder coated steel products. Traditional precast does not allow for the crisp modern lines achieved with the benches and receptacles designed for the Quarters. UHPC removes many of the constraints that has previously limited landscape designers. If you have any design ideas or concepts related to the manufacturing of UHPC products, feel free to contact our team.
szolyd-uhpc-litter-receptacle szolyd-uhpc-quarters-bench-top-view


The microstructure of Ductal is completely closed and renders the material impermeable to almost any aggressive agent. These characteristics result in properties that give it superior durability. Water, the main carrier of these corrosion catalysts, can barely penetrate the UHPC matrix. This results in an excellent resistance to freeze-thaw, to exposure to sea water (penetration by chlorides), to sulfates, weak acids and carbonation. At only one inch, Ductal is completely waterproof.