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Priestly Law Library Finished

Szolyd installing ductal panels

Szolyd installing ductal panels

Szolyd Developments precast concrete design and manufacturing has completed installation of the circulation and reference desk at the University of Victoria.

Designed by Chow Low Hammond architects, this ultra modern workspace was conceptualized with ultra hight performance concrete in mind.

No other materials would allow for such unrestricted design parameters, with  consideration to colour, texture, structural integrity and indoor air quality. Ductal concrete is a highly flexible, ultra high performance concrete that can be cast in any form, colour or texture. An outstanding choice for large format panels, huge cantilevers, capturing intricate detail or just giving a clean, modern elegance to concrete furniture as shown by this Ductal concrete desk, installed by Szolyd Developments custom precast concrete design and manufacturing.

Notice in the final two gallery pictures, how close the original renderings look to the recently installed pieces.


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Priestly Law library