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Szolyd Participating In Climate Smart Program

Szolyd is pleased to announce our participation in the Climate Smart training program, a Vancity / Ecotrust Canada partnership. This program helps businesses through the process of creating a greenhouse gas emissions inventory and developing a reduction strategy with a focus on cost savings and brand lift.

By measuring our current carbon consumption, Szolyd can establish our baseline levels, and implement positive changes to reduce our emissions. Although we have recycled over 100 tons of glass to date, we are challenging our team make improvements in all areas of our operations.

After completing the Climate Smart program, we will identify our reduction opportunities, and will implement strategies to lower our footprint. Through continued research and development, we hope to investigate and develop technologies and products such as:

  1. carbon sequestering concrete.
  2. reactive/ passive slag additives and fillers.
  3. sheet materials including, but not limited to, cementitious materials.

Szolyd would like to thank Vancity for sponsoring our team in the Climate Smart program. We hope to encourage other businesses in our community to consider this program and be part of the solution to lowering our global greenhouse gases.