Capsule | Ductal island

monolithic white ductal counter

Project Info

Client Capsule Design
Date Completed May 21, 2009

Project Description

This sleek urban contemporary ductal concrete island called “FLOW”, created for a private client in Vancouver, B.C., is a one of a kind piece of utilitarian art. Its creation marks a high-point with the use of UHPC as a functioning, sculptural form and provides a strong solution to meet the structural and engineering demands of this innovative design. As a free-standing component in an opulent kitchen, FLOW relies on embedded stainless-steel fasteners to provide clean and discreet mounting to the surroundings.

The original concept by Capsule Design was fabricated and installed by the Szolyd team — a unique piece that is sure to captivate all, from an aesthetic and technical point of view. Embedded fasteners provide mounting points for the wine rack, and stainless inserts act as levellers to the floor.

The single UHPC casting is poured with French white ductal and includes the maximum dosage of titanium dioxide. It was poured on edge and has a continuous profile thickness of 1 1/4″. There is no rebar, or added structural steel to the form, the embedded fibres in the ductal matrix give it enough flexural strength to support itself and a potential dance duo.

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