Perkins Will UHPC stair treads

Project Info

Client Perkins Will Architecutre
Date Completed March 2012

Project Description

Perkins Will Architecture approached Szolyd Development to help with the development of a Ductal stair system for their own office in Vancouver, BC. The firm wanted to showcase the structural properties of the material and it’s ability to be cast nearly flawlessly.

The design utilized a dual stringer system with a one piece ductal tread and riser combo. The tread/ riser combo was cast as thin as possible, showcasing the sleek profile achieved by Ductal concrete. The treads were attached to the stringers with support brackets, stainless steel standoffs perforated the ductal (knockouts were cast into the original molds) and attached the treads to the brackets.
Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 6.23.15 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 6.33.56 PM

The precast tread/ riser combos taper from 20mm to 15mm on the edges.  They were cast with dark grey ductal and iron oxide pigments to give a charcoal appearance. They were polished and included a knock in the front to provide slip resistance. This staircase prototype uses modular components that can be scaled for a variety of applications, including complex curves, interior/ exterior installs, and optional railing systems.

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