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SFU Ductal Art Installation

Szolyd is under way on the fabrication of the EcoSoMo, a uhpc functional art project to be installed at Simon Fraser University. The project was designed by Matthew Soules Architecture. Over a period of a year, a concept became functional art. Szolyd consulted with the team to establish material thicknesses, fastening methods, textural mats and tolerances. The installation is slated for this fall. The art piece consists of 4 upper modules and 2 base units configured in various arrangements.

A series of four modular forms that can be combined in numerous configurations based on site-specific micro-conditions, evolving conceptual parameters, and emergent pragmatic criteria (cost, client feedback, etc.).

While each module performs a certain role, in combination, the sum is greater than the parts.

SOCIAL MODULES Two of the modular forms are primarily social in nature. 1) THE SEAT To enhance interactivity and generate activity this module provides an opportunity to inhabit the piece. 2) THE STORY TELLER Throughout history urban environments have been locations for sharing information. This module incorporates an intimate screen upon with stories and information scroll. ECOLOGICAL MODULES Two of the modular forms are primarily ecological in nature. 3) THE RAIN POOL This form is shaped to collect rainwater. The amount of water in the pool will ebb and flow with the seasons. It also serves as a ‘bird bath’ … a micro-habitat for local birds. 4) THE PLANT VOLCANO This form incorporates a planter from which carefully selected local flora will erupt. It is a planted micro-ecology that will be designed to change with the seasons.

modules for Ecosomo

modules for Ecosomo

modules for Ecosomo

modules for Ecosomo

July 30/14 UPDATE

The wood positives are complete and we are ready to begin the fiberglass molds. Here are a few shots of the process.

wood positive for mold

wood positive for rain pool unit

wood positive for ductal sfu_wood_display


The texture installation under way. Big thanks to Brett Moorhouse at Douglas Signs for all the expertise help cutting the mdf and developing the textural techniques.

applying the texture to the wood positives before molding

applying the texture to the wood positives before molding