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We cast concrete, not just any concrete……. Szolyd are specialists with ultra high performance concrete (UHPC). We have a North American sub license to cast with Ductal, and have the track and experience second to none.


10 years experience casting with UHPC!


Szolyd specializes in prototyping with UHPC and cementitious materials . We work with inventors, product designers and other manufacturers to develop new concrete products to bring to the North American market. 

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Szolyd has over 15 years experience casting concrete and 10 years with UHPC specifically. The variety and magnitude of projects that we have completed gives us the confidence to deliver quality castings on time regardless of scale. 

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Our UHPC and ductal project experience in North America is second to none. No other team has taken on the diversity of projects that we have. This experience gives us the confidence to take on the most challenging of projects.

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Ductal concrete is currently the strongest UHPC on the market. It has material properties and aesthetic qualities that make it a superior choice to many other materials.


Ductal is the most strongest concrete in the world with up to 7200 psi flexural strength and the compressive strength of porcelain (25,000 psi). This revolutionary, ultra high performance material has chameleon-like qualities that allow it to be cast in any form, any colour or any texture providing unprecedented design opportunities. This material is an outstanding choice for large format panels, huge cantilevers, and structural applications where fine surface quality is needed.

Surface quality

The lack of large aggregates in Ductal means that it tends to have a very minimalist appearance by nature. The base mix is a very light grey, with the addition of titanium dioxide, a nearly pure white can be achieved. Pigments are added during mixing, resulting in integral colour that is consistent throughout the matrix. Ductal is said to have “chameleon” like qualities, meaning it can take on nearly any colour or aesthetic.


One of the essential qualities of Ductal® is its durability. When compared to traditional concrete, this ultra-high performance concrete offers a superior capacity to resist aging and aggressive environments One of the reasons for this is its denser matrix which is free of defects at the macro and micro level, allowing it to resist the forces of nature far longer that other technologies.The ductility behaviour observed during bending is characterized by a multiple cracks before the stress peaks, without localization and without the presence of any major cracks. Its capacity to resist impact and abrasion (comparable to that of materials such as granite) make it last even longer. As a benchmark, tests have shown Ductal® to be 100 times (*to even 1000 times, depending on the criteria) more durable than a traditional concrete.

No polymers or plastics

Ductal does not contain any polymer in the formulation like GFRC and other UHPC mix designs. Plastics break down over time and become brittle. Ductal is made from portland cement, silica fume, silica flour, silica sand, water and polycarboxolate high range water reducers (super plasticizers) that help cement flow. All the ingredients in Ductal are standard products. The material performance qualities result from how the are selected, blended and orientated on a micro level.


Precision mold building specialists

Our extensive project history gives us the confidence to honestly say we can pretty much build anything. We utilize the latest in mold building techniques and materials to create our master molds.

Precast with UHPC or conventional concrete

Casting concrete is what we know. We have experience with hand cast mixes, self consolidating concrete and UHPC. Name the material, we can cast it.

Polishing and finishing

A finished product does not just come out of the mold and get delivered. Our polished concrete experienced gained from our sister company, Stone Design, gives critical concrete finishing skills.


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Szolyd Home. Pre-cast concrete foundation, walls and roof Permanently tinted to your desired colors All materials can be re-used onsite indefinitely with today’s accessible methods Fire/flood/rot proof structure. Live on it. Live in it. Live around it.

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